In case you are still wondering how the Many Shades Club works, here are some common questions.

What do I get?
We like to keep things simple. For subscriptions, you will enjoy one surprise book geared towards children ages 0-5 in your mailbox each month. Subscriptions automatically renew on the first day of the month following your last subscription month. You may cancel anytime!

While you'll have to wait with anticipation to see what book will arrive (aren't surprises FUN?), you will know that every month your little one will be getting a book with characters, stories, and families to help expose them to all the beautiful colors of the world...books that aren't making a big deal about our "differences."

How does shipping work? When do you ship?

All orders ship via USPS between the 15th and the 20th of the month. New orders placed after the 15th will ship the following month (meaning you will receive your first book by the end of the FOLLOWING month).

Shipping times average 5 days in the Continental U.S.; Hawaii and Alaska can take up to 2 weeks.
When will my card be charged? 
Your card will be charged at the time your order is placed and (for subscriptions) then again on the 1st of the month following the last day of your subscription.
Do you have books or subscriptions for different ages?

Again, simplicity is the name of the game. Right now, all of the books in our subscription packages are selected to be appropriate for children ages 0-5. If you are ordering a custom 3-book bundle, we also offer middle grade. 

Can you ship my order earlier than the 20th?
If you need your order shipped earlier than the 20th of the month (to arrive in time for a special event, for example), contact us and we'll do our best to make it happen! Just send us an email at contact@manyshadesclub.com and we'll reply by the next business day with rush and shipping upgrade options.
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
For subscriptions, you may cancel anytime by logging into your account to modify your order (you can access your order and account from your order confirmation email). Once you cancel, you will not be billed for another term.

However, since you pay in advance for a lump subscription, you cannot be refunded for months remaining in the term (For example, if a 3-month subscription is canceled after the second month, one more book will still be shipped). Cancel before the 30th of the month of your renewal to avoid being charged for the next term. You can see your renewal date by logging into your account and we'll send you an email when the end of your subscription is near before it automatically renews. 
For One-time Bundle purchases, you can either 1) keep it and pay it forward--donate it to a friend, family member, doctor's office, dentist's office, day care center, classroom, library, you get the idea. Or 2) If #1 doesn't work for you, contact us (contact@manyshadesclub.com) and we'll make it right :). 

What do you mean by "diverse"?
We define "diverse" as anything that you might have to do a special search for on a typical site (sad, but true). We are an interracial family. Trying to find regular ol' books with interracial families required us to spend a good deal of time searching for that, and then what we found tended to make a big deal about being interracial or "mixed." We bring you books where all kinds of people and families are just...being. You're likely to receive a book in your subscription with characters/families that are multi-racial/ethnic (obviously), different religions, from different countries/cultures, same-sex, disabled, etc...you know, normal stuff that until now has just taken too long to find.

What if I already have the book?
We're all about keeping it simple (and keeping you happy!), so you have a couple of options:

1) Keep it and pay it forward--donate it to a friend, family member, doctor's office, dentist's office, day care center, classroom, library, you get the idea. 

2) If #1 doesn't work for you, contact us (contact@manyshadesclub.com) and we'll make it right :). 

We believe in karma, so it's totally on an honor system...for now. 

Who are you guys, anyway?
We are a mom and pop shop (literally) working to make the world a better place one book at a time. We pack and ship (with love!) every order from our dining room table after the munchkins go to bed. We love reading and we believe in the power of books to open minds and hearts. We wanted to create a space to make it easy for others who believe the same thing to do something about it.