About Us!

Interracial Diverse Multicultural Family Children

We're Kam & Danny, the mom & pop behind the Many Shades "mom & pop" shop! Even before we started having kids, we both knew it would be important to make sure we filled our home with stories and images of families that looked like our world. We're both educators and love reading, and we believe in the power of books to open minds and hearts. 

Many Shades (of You) started in 2004 as an "affiliate site" to make it easier for folks to find books that reflected their family and friends. Many years and a couple of kids later, we found it was still a challenge to easily and quickly find "everyday diversity" that we could expose to our kids. 

The more we searched, the more we saw how much time it took to find high-quality books that featured diverse characters and families that aren't making a huge deal about how they're "different" or "special," but instead are just normal people living everyday life.

We relaunched as Many Shades in 2017. Many Shades' customers come from non-traditional families (interracial, single parents, LGBTQ, adoptive, etc.) as well as traditional families who see the importance and value in exposing the kids in their lives to all kinds of diversity. As an interracial family with equally "nontraditional" extended family and circle of friends, we have seen a need for a service like this for a some time. We like to think we're building confident and compassionate kids and saving you time by helping you check one thing off your "raising a good human" list!

We are working very hard to make the world a better place one book at a time.