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Families come in Many Shades. Like you, we want to raise kids that are able to both see things through the lens of their own lives, and also encourage them to see people whose lives may be different from their own.

Books are an awesome place to start.  

Here's how it works

Heart for diverse multiracial adoption books

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We do the searching, shopping, and shipping for you.

We pick high-quality children's books featuring diverse characters and families & send them right to their door!

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Gift for diverse multiracial adoption books

You choose your gift

It's easy! Tell us a little about the kids/families you're buying for, and we'll get our team to work! 

Build an anti-racist library and feel good about easily doing good from near or far.

Give the gift
Diverse books

Books arrive at their door!

Pat yourself on the back for helping to raise children who are confident and accepting of all. 

Make your life easier, & feel good about doing your part to #RaiseGoodHumans

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Many Shades allows me to introduce my kids to stories and characters that represent the real world in all its shapes, colors and sizes. It takes a village to raise a good person and I am thrilled to have Many Shades in my parental toolbelt.

Erin, CA

I loved the packaging, it was really easy for little hands to open...There were lots of smiles when I told my son that he had his very own package to open!

Marissa, NY

...The books are fantastic. [My grandkids] have some biracial, African, Indian, and Asian friends and my granddaughter wants to share the book in class. They loved the little treats inside too.

Kathleen, MD

 I am always seeking ways in which my children can gain a broader perspective on the world around them. Many Shades has very eloquently provided our family with stories and images that do just that. This service is truly a gift for the whole family.

Emily, SC